In 2010 a 4.5 acre lake – The Islands Carp Fishery was sculptured and crafted to perfection by expert excavator operator Paul Millard. It was designed by Tony Campbell who has over 20 years experience in fish farming and fishery management. With Paul owning his own very successful ground works business and Tony running two carp farms, one of which is the largest of its kind in the country, they decided to team up to create C.M. Fisheries LTD.
The Islands Carp Fishery is the first phase of their hopefully expanding venture!!
Long term plans include a second lake to be built on the Islands site with an eye kept on potential new sites for the future.



Despite being such a newly dug lake, great thought and a lot of effort has gone into maturing the lake beyond its years. Many plants, reeds, grasses, trees and shrubs were planted in an effort to make the setting as established as possible in a short space of time. This has resulted in an abundance of wildlife both around the lake and on the six islands.
The lake was designed and dug in such a way to give the angler privacy, you can only see one or two anglers from your swim and in some swims no other anglers can be seen. The idea is to make you feel you are the only one fishing and with the islands helping to form your very own piece of water, this cuts out the angler conflict you see on open waters.
The carp stocks have been introduced gradually so maximum growth could be obtained. This stocking program has resulted in massive growth rates and set us up well for the future! The ultimate stocking level will be set at around 75-100 fish per acre. This is about where we are now, with a good head of doubles and 20lb+ fish. This stocking level will allow for continued growth, it won’t be long before we see our first 30!!

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