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There are ten individual reservoirs that make up Walthamstow Reservoirs, of which some are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as they have rich bird habitat and terrestrial fauna. It is internationally recognised for the diverse range of birds that it attracts.

This ‘nature haven’ also offers anglers the chance to fish for specimen coarse and game fish.


19 acres, ave depth: 10ft

Reservoir 1 is the easiest of the coarse fisheries. It holds many carp up to 37lb, and the bream fishing must rank with the best in the country.

A huge percentage of the bream are over 10lb with the largest specimens reaching in excess of 17lb. Large beds of particles, pellets or boilies are often successful for both species. There’s also a decent head of pike present to over 20lb.

25 acres, ave depth: 10ft

This is our premier carp reservoir with three fish (common and mirror) having been caught in excess of 40lb. The largest, a beautiful mirror of 45lb 12oz. There are many 30lb+ specimens (many 35lb+), backed up with a huge number of 20s. There are also bream to over 16lb, pike over 20lb and eels in excess of 5lb.

A season ticket is available covering the 1, 2 and 3 reservoirs priced at £300. The season starts on 1 June and ends 16 March. Also available is a permit that covers all coarse reservoirs and the Coppermill stream priced at £375 per year.

25 acres, ave depth: 10ft

A little harder than the popular 1, 2 and 3 reservoirs, catch rates have been increasing steadily over the last two years due to an ongoing restocking policy. With nearly 400 fish recently stocked up to 20lb (with more to be added) and a good number of ‘original’ fish up to 46lb 8oz already present, this is turning into an excellent fishery. Mid double bream and 20lb+ pike are also present.

38 acres, ave depth: 19ft

This is a tricky, under-utilised water but the rewards are there for those who persevere. Predominantly a large carp water it has in the past produced fish to well over 40lb.

Most specimens go to just under 40lb, but any carp is well worth it. There are also good pike and trout present. The former can be fished for on any method, but a trout day ticket is required if you wish to take any home for the table.

74 acres, ave depth: 34ft

A rarely fished reservoir that could throw up a surprise or two. Only a handful of anglers have given this reservoir any consideration as stock levels are unknown. It has produced quite a few different 30+ specimens, the largest, a common weighing in at 39lb 12oz. An exciting prospect anyone looking to fish a challenging water with an unknown element.

A season ticket covering the two Maynards and the Lockwood is available for £150. This entitles you to a full years fishing as there is no close season on these waters. Season runs from 1 March.

34 acres, ave depth: 19ft

Another challenging water where you will often find that it is you against the fish, not seeing another soul all day. This reservoir holds two carp that have been caught over 40lb backed up by a good number of 30lb mirrors and commons. Season tickets are available on the water for only £60 per season.

The excellent roach that this stream was famous for may have long gone but it still contains some very impressive specimens of many species. Both mirror and common carp to over 30lb, pike to 35lb, bream to 14lb, chub nudging 8lb, barbel well into double figures and perch to over 3lb.

An excellent mixed fishery especially considering that it is less than 1km in length.


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